Bit Beta System 

The 4th Generation Blockchain

Bit Beta System (BBS), the fourth-generation distributed ledger technology (DLT or "blockchain") developed by Singapore-based Bit Beta Pte Ltd, promises to bring people closer together at work and play and life on a fast, stable, scalable, mobile, and adaptable platform. BBS corrects the shortcomings of first- and second-generation blockchains to offer a true DLT alternative to the slow and expensive traditional payments systems. 

Ronald Aai, founder & CTO

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Blockchain Technology.
As the blockchain technology evolves and accumulates its strengths to the next generation, each generation introduces its own challenges. None of the generations satisfy real-world requirements for commerce and the foundation of blockchain. They are neither effective, affordable, nor convenient and decentralized.

Blockchain technologists and evangelists are great at preaching to the converted, using terms such as “decentralised”, “consensus”, and, weirdly, “trustless”, as well as a plethora of acronyms and other jargon that leave non-technical people utterly befuddled — they are terrible at communicating what it’s for and why it’s good
Memories of the early 2018 crypto bubble and the long bear market that is (at writing) continuing in its aftermath — punctuated by news of crypto-scams and crypto-hacks and other crypto-fails — have given regulators an excuse to procrastinate and detractors an opportunity to point, laugh, and relish the schadenfreude of it all
The current technology simply isn’t good enough

Why mobile blockchain?

According to Capgemini report 2018, there is US$320 billion worth of mobile application market around the world and continuously growing.

Smartphones are becoming the most personal and indispensable gadget in our daily lives, including communications, trading, payment, information, entertainment and social connections.

Bit Beta System Technology, with our very own Proof of Reputation, Swarm Storage, FSDLT, mDHT and SHOUT protocol,  we aim to bring blockchain to people's day to day life through mobile, IOT devices, literally anything that could be connected to the internet! 

What are our breakthroughs?

(1) FIRST Blockchain platform purely based on mobile network;
End of central server dependency architecture.

(2) Extremely high speed transaction - 1,000,000 tp/s. Unlike the  inherent speed limit of the early blockchain platform; Bit Beta Systems block is verified within 1 second.

(3) Sustainable expansion issues;
The current blockchain platform adds pressure to the network when adding users, causing providers to build more masters/servers in the region. Bit Beta's PoR mechanism allows the more users to trade faster, to achieve the practicality of the blockchain.

(4) Digging community and user segmentation;
In the Bit Beta mechanism, the dApps on each mobile phone are nodes, which will participate in block verification, and the mobile program user is equal to the miner.

(5) huge energy consumption;
The verification of the small amount of power and power of the smartphone has greatly reduced the energy demand for mining activities.

Bit Beta System 

There are two types of crypto-asset used in and around the BBS Platform — the BBS token (BXB) and the internal-loop BBS Coin Standard (BBS01).

Bit Beta System 

Mobile-based Blockchain.

A Blockchain network owned by all participants

All participants in BBS (BBS-powered dApp users) can earn a passive income through P2P transaction “witnessing” (“block mining”) or as a BXB token holder (a share of SuperSwitch profits).

Distribution & Simplicity

Designed for mass adoption on mobile phones, BBS dApps are as simple to use as any other mobile phone application. Users can potentially start “witnessing” (“block mining”) as soon as they install a dApp.

Near-instant transactions

BBS is super-fast. It is capable of processing transactions near-instantly thanks to a fair & fast Proof-of-Reputation algorithm that uses response time, influence (number of connections), stake (number of transactions), and randomness among peers to determine transaction witnesses.
It does this strictly in the order of transactions. No more "Pay to Win" mechanic like Ethereum!

Infinitely Scalable

Thanks to BBS’ innovative mix of technology and protocols, the more users there are, the higher the capacity of the BBS network. BBS is infinitely scalable with the capacity to process many more transactions per second (tps) as there are nodes (dApps) in the network. (10,000 users could process 1,000,000 tps; MasterCard is around 45,000 tps.

Mobile-Ready Utility

BBS's Code Library can help organisation create decentralized applications (dApps) quickly. BBS allows organisations that deploy BBS DLT to offer fast and frictionless features and functionality, including payments, through a branded fully distributed network of user-friendly dApps, while simultaneously retaining full control over internal accounting analysis, reporting, and performance protocols.

The End of Server Dependency -SWARM

The SWARM Storage layer effectively manages a process whereby participating nodes share disk space with every other node in the network. Each transaction between sender and recipient is processed by a reputation-backed node which is called a witness, and each transaction is a separate file-based block in the SWARM. No more dependency on Server anymore!

The End of Server Dependency -FSDLT

SWARM Storage uses the FSDLT to store transactional information in the filename so eliminating the need to store data in the actual file itself. Other BLOB/STRUCTURE-based data is stored in the file.

Decentralised Applications

Imagine the potential with all the applications powered by blockchain.

Articles - Returning Soon

New fourth-generation blockchain puts power in the hands of people: Ronald Aai

The present and future are mobile.
This realisation was a major inspiration for Ronald Aai, who conceived and led the development of Bit Beta System (BBS), the “fourth-generation” distributed ledger technology (DLT or “blockchain”).
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BXB token holders collectively “own” & share network profits on blockchain 4.0

"Anyone who holds Bit Beta System (BBS) staking utility tokens (BXB) in an approved wallet will receive their fair share of SuperSwitch profits" ......

“It doesn’t matter how many BXB you hold — one BXB or a million BXB — you will get your fair share of SuperSwitch profits.” — Ronald Aai, BBS founder & CTO
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BBS’ twin-crypto ecosystem featuring the BXB staking token & the BBS01 stable coin

The fourth-generation distributed ledger technology (DLT or “blockchain”) Bit Beta System (BBS) has tokenomics aligned to real-world incentives: a token to stake and hold and a stable coin to spend and save.

There are two types of crypto-asset used in and around BBS — the BBS token (BXB) and the internal-loop BBS Stable Coin Standard (BBS01).
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Problems solved: The benefits of DLT 4.0, Bit Beta System — #1 — It’s mobile!

The fourth-generation distributed ledger technology (DLT), Bit Beta System (BBS) is bringing “blockchain” to life by “putting its power and potential literally into the hands of people and organisations in the real world”,
This is significant, especially in less developed parts of the world whose populations missed out on the personal computer revolution yet can now access cheap but powerful smartphones.
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Global Events

  • 11/01/2019
    @Shenzhen World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) team and sponsors celebrating of being the most Innovative Blockchain Project of the Year with Litecoin, NEO, Ontology, Vechain, Decentraland, Rapidash and Hashgard.

    @Shenzhen World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) CTO Mr. Ronald Aai giving keynote speech to thank for all the support received through out the election.

  • 11/01/2019
    @Shenzhen World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) as the main sponsor partner at the Shenzhen WBF event at Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen, China.

    @Shenzhen World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) CTO Mr. Ronald Aai was invited to be the WBF Exchange Technical Advisor 

  • 08/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) parent company Bit Beta Pte Ltd is a co-sponsoring organization and sponsor of the New York World Blockchain Forum.

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Private dinner at The Trianon Ballroom sponsored by Bit Beta System (BBS) parent company Bit Beta Pte Ltd.

  • 08/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Private dinner at The Trianon Ballroom sponsored by Bit Beta System (BBS) parent company Bit Beta Pte Ltd.

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Addressing the private VIP dinner of Mr. Ronald Aai, Chief Technology Officer of the Bit Beta System, telling the story of previous generations of blockchain

  • 08/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) US Strategic Partnership Ceremony.

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    The Bit Beta System (BBS) booth at the Promenade showroom.

  • 08/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Mr. Matthew Suen's speech - Bit Beta System (BBS) Business Director, on the stable currency in the 2019 blockchain.

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Mr. Zhao Sheng - Founder of the World Blockchain Conference and DUSD, Mr. Ronald Aai, Chief Technology Officer of Bit Beta System (BBS).

  • 09/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Mr. Ronald Aai - Chief Technology Officer of Bit Beta Systems, interviewed by SharkChain for investing in TV shows.

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Mr. Ronald Aai - Chief Technology Officer of Bit Beta Systems, interviewed by SharkChain for investing in TV shows.

  • 09/11/2018
    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Bit Beta System (BBS) international team representative.
    (left to right)
    Mr. Ronald Aai - Chief Technology Officer (Malaysia)
    Mr. Francis Aw - Chief Operating Officer (Singapore)
    Mr. Matthew Suen - Commercial Director - (Hong Kong)

    @New York World Blockchain Forum

    Mr. Ronald Aai - The Chief Technology Officer of Bit Beta System (BBS) explained the technical architecture to the visitors.

Meet Our Team

Bit Beta team has an extensive experiences in building complete chips, mobile handsets, mobile payment applications, in the telecoms, gaming, and social media industries with ex-employees from IBM, Nvdia, Corus 360, Asiasoft etc. Also, the Bit Beta team embarked on developing blockchain technology into the real-world fin-tech applications three years ago, have developed reward programs, e-commerce,  national chat platform, events and pre-paid credit card solutions powered by Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT) or Blockchain Technology.   

Ronald Aai

Chief Technology Officer
"Ronald is a serial entrepreneur in the new world industry for the last twenty five years. He successfully built several internet businesses in his early career and has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telco systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology. Ronald has several IP filed under his name related to mobile software development. "


Matthew Suen

Business Director - International
"Matthew is a collaborative Swiss-educated entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of work experience in six countries. With his global perspective and active participation at business events about futurism innovation and technology, also within the blockchain sector, Matthew brings his essence of the international background with network, creativity and dedication to the team. "


Aaron Loo

Operation Director
"Aaron is the go-to person for the management of challenging and sophisticated projects. He has successfully lead teams to launch numerous platforms and services in demanding conditions. His meticulous and patient nature makes him the silent orchestrator and spiritual beacon in any operation. "


Peter Peng

Senior Application Developer
"Peter has more than 9 years’ experience developing and customizing front and back-end on IOS and Android(Java) applications."

Francis Aw

Chief Operation Officer
"Francis Aw has spent last thirty years in the semiconductor industry, with focus on ASIC development. He has developed successful business from green field with respect to security, telco / network and industrial applications. "


Ome Kebsap

Business Director - ASEAN
"Ome is a serial entrepreneur and early adopter of new technology with vast knowledge in multiple sectors ranging from biotechnology to blockchain. His belief in human centric in the very technologically driven world adds competitive advantage into many aspect of any companies. "


Oshiko Wong

Technical Director
"Oshiko has been the technical lead and senior system architect for various regional and multi-national companies in the e-commerce and banking industries for many years. Besides the ability to design, build and maintain complex systems, his expertise also focuses on simplifying processes, enhancing user experiences and improving system performance. He has developed a migration engine to migrate the entire legacy C-based platform into a modern Java-based platform with 85% automated conversion rate. "

Chai Chun Kiat

Senior Application Developer
"Chun Kiat has been developing mobile applications for 6 years. His experience includes developing digital security mobile SDK, e-commerce applications, and news publication applications."

David Gillbanks

Marketing Director
"David conceived and supervised the development of a website that won an international award, and was a member of a communications team lauded for its responses to humanitarian disasters and industry crises. David's background is in publishing and corporate and marketing communications in the lifestyle, property, travel & tourism, not-for-profit, and economic development sectors.


Dave Dheivindra

Business Director - Asia
"Dave is a veteran in the online and mobile gaming industry. Building long-term business partnerships and strategizing co-marketing campaigns are his expertise. His business connections and grasp of the electronic payment space is remarkable. Being a generalist, he can hold the fort or charge the hill; run any internal operations and external engagements in various capacities. "


Koh Chin Wee

Senior Application Developer
"Chin Wee has been in the mobile industry for the last 9 year developing private and commercial apps. His past experience even encompasses developing software for the Singapore Military."


This Could be YOU!

Join our team and be part of our family
"We have 20+ more part-time developers participating in building the Bit Beta Platform around the world! Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much! Contact us, we will make the world a better place!"


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Limited available period 
"Graciouz Product Suite is designed for employees’ ease of use with the intention to track every action, merit, contribution, feedback, creativity, resolution, presence, and research to effectively and efficiently connect employees and the executive team."
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